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German Oil |A Good Environmental and Economical Move


German oil has a financial and environmental advantage thanks to a special formulation. As an alternative to conventional oils, it offers the same performance level but it’s more fuel-efficient. This quality is fundamental to engine oil but also makes sense when it comes to gearboxes, transmission systems, and axles. With improved engine performance, Germany oil saves money and significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

Incredible Benefits of German Oils

One of our top-rated lubricant players is the German Gold. Having met the highest industry standards, the German-made brand has earned certification from ISO and other independent bodies. It has also been approved by world-class car manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and is thus highly recommended for these reasons:

  • Improved engine performance
  • Heavy-duty lubrication
  • Optimising the efficiency of after-treatment devices
  • Enhancing cleanliness of engine components
  • Anti-wear protection
  • Keeping fuels from ageing and corroding
  • Reducing polluting emissions, e.g., soot, NOx, CO, and HC
  • Moisture absorption from the fuel system
  • Finer atomisation and enhanced combustion
  • Curbing deposit formation in the fuel injection mechanism

High-Quality German-Made Oils

During the early 90s, vehicles used unleaded fuel which would cause a ton of problems for internal combustion engines. Through research and development, industry experts realized that additives can address this challenge. Oils produced in Germany have undergone lengthy tests to prove their smoothness, extra power, and ability to improve mechanical lifespan.

We have a comprehensive range of German oil products formulated with high-tech additives to suit modern applications in the automotive world. The specialised additive formulas facilitate thorough cleaning of injectors, carburettors, valves, high-pressure pumps, and the fuel system.

Our highly effective German oil contains active ingredients that eliminate resinification of automobile parts, piston lacquering, carbon, and varnish. It is ideal for all types of engines with petrol injection systems and is compatible with compressors, superchargers, turbochargers, and catalytic converters.

Contact us today if you want to import superior oil made in Germany. We are here to help you find the right products for your business.