German Gold is a German lubricant brand based in the city of Weener. We offer a wide range of ‘Made in Germany’ lubricants, such as motor oils, motorcycle oils, truck and industrial oils.

Our German Gold refineries are Europe’s most advanced and efficient refined oil lubricant makers. These refineries use high-quality base oils to create a variety of high-performance German Gold lubricants. Our goods meet the highest standards and levels of development, and they comply with all regulations and specifications, making them a resource and environmental asset.

These items have been certified by the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. These aspects, of course, have a good impact on your engines, equipment, and plants, as every employee and partner is aware. A wide range of high-quality lubricants are available under the German Gold brand name. We offer a product that will suit your needs.

All the German Gold lubricants are made with the highest standard and level of development and are in conformity with all norms and specifications. Therefore, our German Oil meets the highest standards and received an official Mercedes Benz approval (Our product German Gold Engine Power 5W-40 Elite). Other approvals from Mercedes Benz, BMW and VW will follow soon.

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Our German Gold Engine Power 5W40 Elite with Mercedes Benz approval